3 things to know about Mizuno's new driver

David Griffiths

05 February 2024


We’ve got some exciting things planned for the year ahead, among them having Mizuno’s fantastic new driver ready for purchase in our shop! We’d love to walk you through all the tech in person, so why not book a custom fitting with us?

Mizuno’s most recent driver launch was the ST range, and it’s time to say hello to the latest addition, the ST Max! There’s a lot to unpack with this fantastic golf driver, but today we’re going to give you three solid reasons why this club is one to get really excited about.


1. ST Max Looks


There’s no denying the silky and intriguing shape of the Mizuno ST Max driver. When you first pick it up and look at the head, you can make out the large chequered crown and blue highlights that compliment the sleek black head. There’s clearly been a lot of fine-craftsmanship going into this design!

Turning the driver over, you’ll notice a few subtle differences between the new Max and the rest of the clubs in the ST 230 range. The Cortech Chamber still sits behind the face and is very obvious in a metallic blue colour, but the crown on the Max extends from the toe to the heel of the sole.

When you’re standing over the ball on the tee, you’ll appreciate the smooth, confidence-inspiring shape of the clubhead. Mizuno has covered the head of this golf driver with a carbon fibre crown. Not unlike a Formula 1 car, this material gives it the impression that it’s covered in small squares that are easy on the eye to inspire speed and performance.


2. ST Max Feel


It looks good, but does it feel good? Well the answer is yes, yes it does. This golf driver has a Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip that will give you a superb hold over your club.

Mizuno has refined the carbon chassis to better distribute weight. This even spread of weight allows you to make more fluid golf swings, and ultimately make better connection with the ball.

The club feels great when you slide it out of your bag and take the headcover off. It’s also very wieldy and feels natural when you take practice swings, but it’s only when you actually strike the ball do you feel how much engineering and effort has gone into this club.

Mizuno pays a lot of attention to sound and feel when designing these clubs, the better the noise when you flush a driver strike, the better it feels. Thanks to the face tech, you’ll be hitting a sweet spot regardless of where on the face you make contact with the ball.


3. ST Max Tech


It should go without saying that a golf driver is only as good as the tech it’s made of, and Mizuno has made the ST Max with the latest cutting-edge advancements.

First of all, you should know that this driver allows for some incredibly straight striking. The head has a wide profile and looks great when you’re standing over the ball on the tee. You’ll find a huge 54g backweight on the club’s undercarriage that helps keep everything central and lined up as you move through your swing.

The face features Mizuno’s Beta Rich Ti LS tech. This sounds like a mouthful, but in a nutshell this material provides a multi-thickness face geometry that makes sure you have excellent contact with the ball on each strike. Behind the face sits the Cortech Chamber, this section acts as an additional energy source and help the transfer of energy between club and ball for faster ball speeds off the tee.

We can’t get over how fun this driver is to swing, and it’s a joy to go over how each section has been specifically designed to contribute to your performance.


ST-230: A family of five golf drivers

Every golfer has a unique ability, and every golfer has a unique swing. With this in mind, Mizuno has now created five ST golf drivers, all made with a specific kind of player in mind.

As we’ve covered above, the ST Max will give you exceptional speed and stability when you’re hitting the ball. This is an excellent driver if you’re looking for more forgiveness on the tee.

If you feel you’d like to get more height in your drives, the ST-X 230 is the tool for the job. This driver allows for a high-flying shot shape thanks to the carbon sole plate designed to give you a better, more stable launch.

The ST-X PLTNM 230 is a super lightweight entry in the range and will be a big benefit to golfers that play with a naturally slow swing speed. It also has a slight draw bias to help you hit it straight if you have tendencies to fade the ball.

There’s nothing like hitting straight, consistent drives, and that’s been the ultimate aim with the ST-Z 230 driver. This club has mass spread evenly around the clubhead to encourage a straight, stable ball flight.

Featuring lightweight material, the ST-G 440 was made for total workability. The driver has two weights on the sole that can be pushed to extreme positions for ultra-low spin to mid-low speed settings.

If you’re thinking of kickstarting your 2024 with a new golf driver, why not pop by the pro shop? When you come for a custom fitting, we’ll be able to take a look at your ability and how you approach the ball. We’ll then get you kitted up with appropriate gear so you can take your game to the next level.

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